Global design agency Re establishes AI principles for staff and clients 

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Global design agency Re establishes AI principles for staff and clients 

Global design agency Re (part of M&C Saatchi Group) has launched a set of six principles to navigate its future use of Artificial Intelligence (AI).


CEO Patrick Guerrera has launched the principles in consultation with the global leadership team to address what he sees as a gap in the rapidly changing landscape.

Says Guerrera: “Our goal at Re is to help our clients take advantage of the incredible potential of AI, to support human creativity in designing truly distinct brands and experiences. These principles are our way of staying on the front-foot as we move into this exciting new era.”

In a world where AI is part of everyday life, the agency has seen the challenge as leading brand-led designers to balance the need to embrace the new, with the need to proceed consciously and with purpose. These principles are the agency’s first pass at finding that happy equilibrium.

The agency’s leadership team has rolled-out the principles internally, and is currently taking its clients through them, so they can too understand the new capabilities the agency has, as well as the shared responsibility to use them well.

The way work is being undertaken at Re has been evolving rapidly as it integrates tools such as  Midjourney, ChatGPT and Stable Diffusion into its practice. Re provides advice to clients to develop a story they can tell, tools they can use, and experiences that engage people in their world. Almost every day, practical questions were emerging about the ways the agency, its staff, and suppliers would like to utilise AI – and the ways they did not want to use it.

The aim of the principles is to guide the agency’s day-to-day work with clients. The team is taking these principles as a starting point with the understanding that they will evolve as technology advances, understanding grows, and society’s attitudes towards AI changes.

The principles have been created with the design industry and business in mind. While AI can seem too big or complex for companies and staff to grapple with, Re’s aim is to bring people along on our journey as it also learns.

The principles will be shared on the agency’s website, social channels and directly with key stakeholders. Staff and clients are encouraged to give feedback on them to help fine tune for the next iteration.