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Fighting legions of monsters and undead is hard and dangerous work! Whether your adventure takes you through the bluffs of Wortham, the tombs of Ashwold Cemetery, or the peaks of Mount Zavain, you need to refuel your health bar! Don’t forget to visit a local shop (or for one of the brand-new G FUEL Health Potion Collector’s Boxes - Inspired by Blizzard Entertainment’s newest MMO-ARPG Diablo Immortal!! Replenish your HP with this sweet and tangy mix of Blueberries, Plum, and Grape! Grab a Collector’s Box today and choose one or all six main Diablo Immortal classes to emblazon your box and 16 oz G FUEL Diablo Immortal Shaker Cup! Let people know whether you like to sling spells from afar or get up close and personal with the monsters you fight!

  • 40 Serving Diablo Immortal Health Potion Tub
  • 16 oz G FUEL Monk Shaker Cup